“Prussia, what happened?”, “There was a war, Hungary. Or Grantaire is the personification of the french revolution. sad, hetalia, random. Cover art does not belong to me. In his and Germany's Counting Sheep CD, after sneezing and growing bored of counting, Germany insists he continue to count, causing him to continue, also raising the possibility that he can continue to do things despite his own odds (boredom) if encouraged. Anyone can be the Curators 6. anyone can write the ship they want. Requests are closed. “I want to have a funeral,” Germany stated. Also, in Prussia's blog, it is implied that either Prussia and Austria are both living together in Germany's house, and that Austria hangs around the brothers very often to sort out their messes and spends a large fraction of his time with them. Something that Prussia didn't hear. When Prussia died, Germany refused to talk to anyone. Prussia had also noticeably groped Hungary when they were children, though he was unaware of her true gender at the time and simply thought he'd grabbed a weak spot. Please, don't cry.” He inhaled deeply, as if it hurt him to breath. Prussia had gone. Even Enjolras wouldn’t love revolution if he saw it for what it truly was: death, betrayal, disappointment. Though the two have not appeared in many strips together, it is said that their relations are rather rocky due to Prussia having invaded and gone on a rampage. “Don't cry,” he whispered. His realization led him to confessing his "sin" in a chapel and begging God for forgiveness. It is a sequel to Darkness of the Rose. Hungary held Prussia in her arms, holding him close. But nothing can be that bad, can it? “Hungary! In Prussia's Cleaning game, choosing to go to Italy's house to clean resulted in it being stated that he had clear ulterior motives. The Hetalia AU no one asked for. Prussia then remembers that he used to be a genius at cleaning, and decides to tidy someone's house in order to be "showered in gratitu… “Prussia? He managed a small smile, despite the pain he held in his chest. Hetalia Fan-Fiction. Jun 22, 2017 - Explore Consuelo Gallegos-Ayala's board "Hetalia sad headcanons :3" on Pinterest. On numerous occasions, he finds himself alone and crying. Today he is called "Freistaat Bayern" and represents the free German state Bavaria. Prussia held out his hand to Austria, as Austria came forward and took his hand firmly. I kinda guess that Prussia refuse to leave and is now East Germany (Germany is West). Prussia. #characterdeaths Prussia's eyes opened slowly, his eyelashes fluttering open. Her boots fell into the mud with each stride, the dirt and mud splashing up her legs. By goddes-of-death Watch. He is physically similar to his counterpart. You guy's can ship your O.C 3. Hetalia Archives is a FANDOM Anime Community. Germany pulled his hands to his chest, silent tears reeking havoc on him. Germany is shown to be annoyed by his brother's wild attitude and his tendency to buy strange things, as seen in the April Fools' blog event and drama CD. Shop unique cards for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations, and more. Mistranslations of profiles and strips may also contribute to confusion as well. He also seems to be fond of cute things, and buys things such as stuffed pandas, as seen on his April Fools Blog. In the distance was the silhouette of a person. headcanon, hetalia, aph. A gunman fell on the floor and whimpered in pain, holding his bleeding arm. In the anime, his hair is platinum blond and his eyes are a deep red. He doesn't get along well with Austria, and also seems to very much enjoy the company of Italy. What do you think happened?”, “Come on,” She said, putting his arm around her neck. Yeah, like that stupid aristocr--". It is said that she loathes Prussia due to him making fun of her hardships since that time. See more ideas about hetalia, prussia, gilbert beilschmidt. Also stated in the game, was Prussia's enjoyment of reading manga (he had attempted to learn to make his own, but he sneezed and abandoned the project), something he possibly got from befriending Japan. Hair color varies from blond, platinum, and white. A glimpse of their past is shown in the Polish-Swedish Wars strips, when Finland mentions the Battle of Grunwald. His red eyes and pale hair suggest albinism, causing much speculation across the fanbase; however, it is not confirmed whether or not Prussia is an albino. At the end of WWII, the Allies were set to make this de facto status official, and also disassembled Prussia's body, giving much of it to Poland and Russia. Eye colour varies, similar to his 1p. Although he proclaims to like being alon… Lovino Death of the Rose is an English-language game created by Sabbybina with RPG Maker VX Ace. Brandenburg is a fanmade character for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers created by Himaruya Hidekaz. Lutz wakes up in a mysterious world. Uses human names. Slowly his hand fell and his breath stopped, his eyes closed. By: TanyaTheUmbreon. He is very loyal to his leaders, and had a special attachment to Frederich II, known to him as "Old Fritz." “You better remember me, too.”. The man inched forwards, his arm held tightly over his chest. You've got to make sure they're okay. He faded slowly from them. She held the cross to her chest. Ja, he is! Then a face blocked his view – even with his eyes unfocused he could make out the blurry expression of Germany. Like many manga and anime series, Hetalia: Axis Powers is subject to much fan speculation and various theories, which may turn into misconceptions when newcomers confuse fanon with canon.

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