I have five 2" Ghost Koi for sale at £1.95 each. Would like to sell them together Koi carp / Ghost Koi assorted / tench / gold fish - assorted numerous goldfish and various lillies and aquatic plants No new fish added. Blue Orfe Butterfly Koi, Carp, Japanese Koi, Bream, Tench, Orfe, Roach, Fantails and Assorted coloured Goldfish plus the filtration unit and uv light. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Large moulded pond All fish listed can be sold separatly.07568302451, 7 24 inch long koi and about 10 5 inch koi for sale To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. If you are looking to sell koi and are different from the ones I have mentioned then please get in touch anyway, Many thanks. Lovely koi and ghost koi some upto 20” 20 plus. pls contact jon on 07903872800 for chat. I would Ideally like All the fish to go to a Good Home Together. Reluctant sale of our 4 koi carp, 2 taisho/tancho sankes, one is 19 inches the other is about 17 inches, The silver ghost is about 15 inches, the other is a black and gold koi that was sold as a ghost and is about 11 inches. 9. Pond Pumps Variety of sizes 1 x Little Ghost Koi is 9" plants This also includes some medium gold fish and all pumps and filters needed to run... ... 2 Ghost Koi. MINIMUM ORDER OF £15.00 !!!!! 3 LARGE GHOST KOI FOR SALE. Ideally I would like the fish to stay together and would consider a sensible offer for them all. Hi Large ghost koi £45 Spooky Ghost (Carp) Steam Halloween Sale. These u... ... 4 ghost koi's for sale and one english koi 8 years old and about 40cm long maybe more and approx 9 comets offers please need a good home as we have got to get rid of our pond. Call me on 075442999... ... Large silver ghost koi also other large koi for sale various different fish looking for very sensibke offers. Our family pond has got to go and therefore so do the fish. No illnesses, diseases etc. Ghost koi Assorted Swordtails £3.00ea great pond fillers!!! Goldfish, Koi & Ponds a price for these. In excellent condition, had them for approx 8 - 10 years. Large Goldfish Filters Kockney Koi/Yamitsu 10000V FG Multibay Filter System . Uv filter ONE IS AROUND 5" AND THE OTHER IS SLIGHTLY SMALLER. Need to get rid of my pond to make way for extention. I estimate it to weigh in at around 18 to 20lb and I believe it is now too big for the pond. maylasion - £30 - 17" We have a large Ghost Koi which is around 18" long and 7 years old, tame and will suck your thumb. Cumbria area. All probably about 20-24 inches long and appear in good health, as follows: For quick sale £600. If you ring me with your email address or... ... ghost koi,golden orf and other varieties of fish I have recently inherited after moving into my new house 2 big Ghost Koi Carp, 2 smaller ones and several other pond fish. 14/11/2020. 1 Black 24" male 5 COMET Open to offers- welcome to come and view. Pond equipment Red ... ... 4 ghost koi carp - around 10", 4 golden orfe - around 8", 3 blue orfe - around 10" various gold and white goldfish Hi there i have for sale a fluval rio 125 on a beec stand with internal fluval 3 plus, gravel ornaments infact evrything you need to get going at the minute i am using this tank for cld water fish which are for sale also. Mirror (ghost) carp free Hi. Email o... ... 1 x 20" Chagoi Cold water pond fish required to live happily in our 1.5 acre mature pond in Staffordshire. Alwyncarol@aol.com £20 EACH WITH OTHER SMALL GOLDFISH FREE! 1 Shubunkin Hi TFF, ive recently embarked on a new pond build and would like to sell my old fish. 2x Tench 1 black-green and 1 orange apprx 12" We also offer a full pond clearing service,... We'd love your help to develop Preloved in the direction that, you, our incredible members want…. Sold: 10. Buyer mu... ... Help Ihave just lost my Ghost koi about 8inches long .Need another to replace it as it was a present and giver visiting soon. £250 . Hi there I have 7 koi for sale.one of them is a nice ghost koi about 12 inch and the rest a different types looking to get rid of them. Fishing Sim World. Websites, Golden orfs large goldfish and koi for sale, Pond Fish and Pond Plants at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Stapleton. The main attraction in any garden pond and bred in a dazzling selection of colours. Nice markings buyer collects we've just done a quick fish count, we've counted about 20 Koi (maybe mor... ... here i have for sale is my 3 mirror carp 2 about 5 inch 1 about 2-3 inch 2 common carp 1 about 4-5 inch and other about 3-4 inch 2 ghost koi there between 3-5 inch black tench 5-6 inch golden tench 2 inch green tench 3 inch a pleco 3-4 inch and to goldfish these are all from my tank so all clean and... ... We have now opened a koi carp room in our shop,we have lots in from ghost koi,shushi and more... we have special offers on the more you buy! Login / Register. APPROX 18" LONG, YELLOW/GOLD, BRONZE AND SILVER/GREY. I am selling 5 silver ghost KOI due to house move, £30.00 each or all 5 for £125.00 We are situated within Woodlands Garden Centre on Ashby Road and in close proximity to Hinckley, Coalville, Nuneaton, Loughborough, Lutterworth, Atherstone, Tamworth, Leicester. It Is In GoodCondition. WE ARE BASED IN BARNSLE... ... 4 large fish that have been with us for many years. They are approximately 10"- 20" moving home and need to empty pond. Clint Walker - Looking for dace on the River Trent. I have 3 large koi and alot of other smaller fish that need a new home. All sizes Between 16" and 20" A Carp diet includes insects, leeches, crayfish, worms and more. Catfish £10 For Sale Ghost Koi Carp 8 inches and more. I have 2 Ghost Carp and 1 Koi that have outgrown my small garden pond. Looking for £100 for the lot. Powder blue tang 0116 235 3370. We found 3 'ghost carp' adverts for you in 'fish', in the UK and Ireland, This advert is located in and around I am selling due to thinning down pond sto... ... Three large Koi Carp, approx 1.5-2 foot long. Walking catfish about 10" in stock Golden orfe Goldfish - approx. 2 Shubumpkins We are looking to clear the pond and wish to sell all the fish as soon as possible. FISH STOCKS. Log in to see your followed searches. Female Guppies £1.80ea or 6 for £10.20 Two ghost koi for sale in durham; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I dont h... ... TO GO TO A GOOD PONDS IVE GOT 10 KOI LEFT SIZES 15CM TO 20CM ALSO GOT 2 LARGE KOI SIZE ABOUT 45CM AND ABOUT 50 KOI X GOLDFISH BABYS ALL DIFFRENT SIZES JUST STARTING TO CHANGE COLOUR THINK THEY ARE ALL GHOST KOI. 27 inch silver ghost koi. 'Jaws' as we call him is in Lydney. 20 inch kojaku. Ghost Carp. Telford Shropshire. DUE TO MOVING HOUSE I AM SELLING THE FOLLOWING: Clint Walker - Single Hook Pike Rigs. The koi range in size between 35cm to 60cm. Ghost Koi Carp I had this fish along with another 7 ghost koi carp in my pond I have 3 left wanting to get rid nice fish very distinctive fractures on it. Oase filter box with built in uv steriliser and 4500ltr/hr return pump. Sell aquatic products? 1 Aquamax 6000 (about a year old) Koi / Ghost / Common / Mirror carp, Goldfish, Tench etc.. 1 Ghost Koi pump some have unusual metalic scales on there backs. For sale 6 assorted koi carp from my pond. Assorted Platys £2.50ea I am looking for around £50 per fish. See similar items . 1 Large golden ghost koi And the cream coloured one is 19 inches A Grade Japanese koi 2"-6" beautiful colourful collection Preloved, The Joy of Second Hand, Preloved People and The Second Hander are trademarks of Moo Limited. Lots to choose from at Bridge of Marnoch Water Gardens, near Huntly Aberdeenshire. 1 - 10 of 10 ads. £30 each also lillies. 30 Jun. Charles Baseley is the proprietor of Ghost Motors and after serving a five year apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce, he opened his own business in 1972.Trading as Ghost Motors for the past 37 years with a staff of highly trained engineers, he has built a company which offers a wide range of services to Rolls-Royce and Bentley owners. 1 x Large Ghost Koi is 17-18" 3 silver 6" -9 3 Ghost Koi Carp & 5 Golden Orfe for sale £75 (negotiable), koi pond and fish full set up due to house move, 10 large (up to 15inch) koi for sale Doncaster, 4 large Koi for sale, 2 taisho/tancho sankes, 2 ghost koi, Silver Ghost Koi, Rudd, Orfe, carp and goldfish for sale, Koi/Ghost koi/Orfe/Tench and Goldfish For Sale, ghost koi or any pond fillers wanted mcr area, large ghost breeder plus 4 6-10" offspring. What could be better? Will except offers dont want to much for them. i am getting rid of my pond the fish which are for sale are as followed 3 shagoi koi, ghost koi,ghost carp some koi are grade a, in various of sizes and colours all must go together. £175.00 for all. ~Pondfish~ Coldwater fish colours range from white, organge, yellow, red I'm closing down the pond in my parent's garden in Poole as they are moving home. Tropical Fish The cheapest offer starts at £6. located in congleton cheshire 07782506927. it is also a very heavy fish and will need an big pond £100 Read more about it here. Viewing available. A Orange Koi Which Is 9-12"Long. Find local ghost carp in fish in the UK and Ireland. 20 inch magoi ghost Koi. And other Koi carp in there I believe! White koi, Ron chagoi, albino grass carp, large white goldfish, bronze ghost koi. 18-20 inch price £160 each For Sale Is a 4Ft Aquarium With Cabinet In Beach Effect. 3 GREEN TENCH Ghost koi are beautiful, friendly, and hardy which makes them the perfect first koi for a new koi parent. asking price £70, One ghost Koi is a silvery colour and the other is a sort of golden and black colour.Both fish are about 14 inches in long. Contact: 07794612009, 4inch plus grade a koi £3 each Please collect asap and bring a suitable container for your fish. White and black koi is 15 inches 100%. 1 ... ... Home or help wanted.Moving house so either need help to move my fish 5 miles or if anyone has a good home for them I would also welcome that. 2x speckled shubunkin 5" When i bought my house 2 years ago, i also bought two ponds & 8 fish !! 12 Koi A WOODEN PERGOLA THAT COVERS THE POND PRICES START FROM £1.25 UPWARDS. 01323 898900. emai:jason@jasongreaves.wanadoo.co.uk. Fishing Sim World. Blue orfe E-mail Carol Lee at Ghost koi carp for sale - December 2020; 8 Fish That Can Live With Koi In A Tank – Koi Tank Mates; can i keep koi carp in a tank? Burntwood, Staffordshire. Call Lesley on 01480 453248, for sale three ghost koi about 15ins long one golden tench and various other fish must go due to house move £90.00 mobile 07495824599. clown loach x1 Gold Ogon, x1 Orange Ogon & x1 Ghost Koi. Size range from 400mm to 550mm 7ftx 5ft black pond plus 28 variours fish ,koi, ghost koi, fantails comets ,comets, goldfish,shubkins pump, uv etcall in vgc £280 or open to offers. Golden Orfe - approx.12" £10 each or 5 for £40 NPD491. 2 14 inch Ghost koi. I have had these fish for approx. For sale, two much loved Koi, £50 the pair. Fishing Sim World . They are … "Hence" I will Sell All Four Fish for £600 ONO. He is over 30 years old and approx 3ft in length. Showing all 1 result. I have 4 Ghost Koi at 12-14 inches and 1 Mirror carp at 14 inches for sale, please contact with any sensible offers. Golden Orfe I have 2 large& 1 small ghost Koi plus 10 other koi/carp that need a new home. And much more. Flint £20 . WE HAVE A VERY LARGE SELECTION OF GOOD QUALITY TROPICAL AND COLDWATER FISH FOR SALE IN OUR SHOP, WHICH ANYONE IS WELCOME TO VIS... ... WE HAVE 2 SYNO GRANULOSUS FOR SALE. Fish have out grown my pond and I want to get rid of it due to my 10 month old baby boy who is just learning to walk! (2) Golden Koi - 9" long Search. Always a popular fish for commercial and club waters. The largest is 18" in lenght , the other is 14" in lenght both in exellent health. Reasonable offers considered. Ghost koi from 8 inches, Goldfish from 8 inches, Koi Carp 12-18 inches and 1 Common Carp 20 inches. Must been seen, all fish must go as soon as possible! Rudd - 4"+ £3 each or 5 for £12 3"-4" ghost koi £3 each or cheap in bulk. Own a fish store? All need a good home due to deciding to call it a day with pond keeping.All sensible off... ... Ghost Koi for sale 2"-3" (total length) £1 each very hardy & Healthy. ghost carp and mirror carp 3 - 4 inch i have a lot of them they are all £3 each I can do them cheape. The former owner took most of the fish (large Koi, Sturgeon) but left one - I'm pretty sure it's a Sarasa Comet, about 8-9 inches long. 4. Job Lot of Koi, mixed pond fish, filers etc... Common Carp - 8"+ £5 each I have 2 large pearl scale ghost koi carp for sale as they're too large for their current tank & would prefer them to be re-homed in a large fish pond. I have a pond of approximately 30 fish, We definately have 3 Ghost koi approximately 12inch long and then the rest vary from 5inch to 10 inch approximately. This entry was posted on Thursday, November 27th, 2014 at 4:09 pm and is … email me . Cardiff: 07802 934439, We are clearing our fish pond due to leaks and have koi, ghost koi, grass carp, tench, gold fish, carp, rudd and orfe to sell of differnt sizes and colours. 30+ days ago. 4 golden orfs Buyer to collect. Stocking fish can be expensive and sometimes unnecessary. Looks like “mirror carp and ghost carp / pond fish” has already been sold. 31 Jan. What Is Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour? A hardy Koi that is good as a starter fish. I am looking for sensible offers for my Ghost Koi Carp, as it simply now too big for my pond. NewsNow Classifieds . other sizes available please email or call 07791946095. Inherited with a fish tank but unable to keep. From now until 1st November you can get 25% off on Fishing Sim World Standard and Deluxe edition. selling as job lot £950 Ono large water lilly included if wanted collection only Yaxley Peterborough please only genuine people that know how much koi cost as two of the koi that I have would go for £500 each so a steal!! pick up only ,,sorry no delivery will sell in one lot or seperately. Ghost koi are a fantastic addition to any larger ponds. SHIRO UTSURI 18" £140.00 We always have 1000's of fish on stock. 5 x koi carp £20 mix will include 3x ghost carp and 2x koi of your choice. BECAUSE THESE FISH ARE NOT KEPT IN STOCK YOU MAY HAVE TO WAIT A FEW DAYS TO GET THEM -- THANK YOU -- Rehome buy and sell, and give an animal a forever home with Preloved! Assorted Mollies £2.60ea Please ring 01772 601777. Both come with metal stands and homemade wooden cabinets and hoods . 2 years old. They are now too big and I have to get rid of them - its cruel to keep them as I don't have a pond. Gold Severum £6.95ea Copyright 1997 – 2019 Moo Limited. I have three Ghost Koi for sale which are 12-15" long. Prefered size between 10-15". selection pond pumps etc, for sale 5 kio carp about 18ins long good colours one a ghost koi all very healthy reason for sale moving house any reasonable offer accepted phone 01925 229408 mob07824869592, i have 25 to 40 carp for sale they are between 5 and thirty pounds are in A1 condition there is also a large ghost koi email me at robrob@fsmail.net and will answer any questions, I have three pond-reared ghost koi carp for sale, roughly 10-12ins each. Biorb 30l, biorb flow 15l, biorb life 15l, baby biorb 15l, biube 35l in stock 2x butterfly koi 15inches 1x ghost koi 15inches and a few large gold fish all in very good health i have a waterfall feature which needs a bit of a clean but again can be used no cracks or chips all cash o... ... 3 koi carp for sale. Results 1 to 1 of 1 Thread: Two ghost koi for sale in durham. 16-18 inch ghost koi very large and plump fish. The Ghost koi or carp is a wonderful addition to any pond especially a new pond. 3 x 2" Koi 1 Pump and 2" hoses for emptying pond Classifieds. Thread Tools. Prices always negotiable on quantity if you dont ask you dont get!! Now open sundays 10-2, We sell a wide selection of pond fish and pond equipment. tel:0161 371 0232. These comprise of a medium 35cm Grey Carp, 30 cm Israeli Gold Koi carp, We have also inherited around 10-14 koi carp variety varying from 2lb-7lb as they have been breeding. One Koi 20" Two Ghost Koi 16" each, & One Golden Orf 20".. Report. I am based in Hertfordshire. Distributor? They've grown even bigger in our pond, which is over 4 foot deep. 1x goldfish 5" red white This advert is located in and around 4. pets4homes.co.uk . ... Ghost koi for sale. Above an under water view of the release of a common carp with Ghost coloring caught 25_09_2009. It Includes : Report this pet . Dave - 07773679985. And Fish If Required : 5 x koi carp £20 mix will include 3x ghost carp and 2x koi of your choice. Red/black ghost koi sunday 10am-4pm! Cichlids ALWAYS visit the advertisers home to view the pet and confirm they are genuine. Unfortunately he has got to big for our pond £600. 1 is 12 inches long All fish from a well established pond. ... On-sale Products. Ghost Koi, Golden Orfs & Red Comets For Sale. Juwel aquariums at great prices! 15" £20 Desiese free been in pond with mixed other fish for 5 years. Atlantis Navada fibreglass pond,approx 3635ltrs, Fishing Sim World. than... ... 4 large Ghost koi, various coloured goldfish. Would swap for what you have will send pics through phone as won't let me up load pics. There are simply too many fish in the pond and they need to go as soon as possible. japanese - £40 - 19" Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. A Grade Ghost koi 4"-6" beautiful col... ... 2 Japanese Koi, 3 Ghost Koi, a number of Goldfish, large UVA filter and recently new submersible pump with all associated cables. With 8 railway sleepers to go around the edge of the pond. Make me an offer if you are interested. These fish are approx 12in long and have been in an indoor tank since they were very small. We have everything you may need for your aquariuma and pond. (2) Golden Orfs - 14" long Ghost Carp and Koi for sale - 5251894807. Very striking. All very healthy, some are hand feeders. BIG HEALTHEY FISH AND ARE VERY RARE. All for sale. I have a small 50m by 30m lake and have masses of ghost koi and mirror fry between 3" & 4" long. 1 White/Yellow/Black Koi - £60 There is also a quantity of about 15-20 Comets and goldfish which are all over 5-6". Please contact Dave on 0208 300 7360 These are fantastic pond … I estimate them to be in the 10 to 12lb mark and are getting too big for my pond. Reasonable offers. Mar 1, 2017 - Koi For Sale Welcomes you to the UK s finest Online Koi facility We are proud to offer top-quality Koi for sale from Israel. I will listen to all reasonable offers. Malawi Tanganyikan Air Pump And Air Stones. 8. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Preloved, of your Preloved account and return to the homepage, Use this button to open and close the breadcrumb list, Navigate to the sub-categories of Home and Family, Display the search results in a grid layout, Display the search results in a list layout, This advert has no user uploaded images or videos. All fish are under 4 years old. Free to good home 2 large ghost koi & 6/8 large gold fish some of them comets. PLEASE CALL US ON 07756556550 2.GOLD OGON 22" £130.00 There are a couple of large Ghost Koi - 30+ years old - and a number of large goldfish; they need a new home. email: vivsmifff@aol.com, ghost koi 2 x 12 inches long FILTER APPROX 65 LITRES AND BOXED IN COVER (I... ... We've just inherited a pond. mollies SPECIALISTS AT DELIVERY TO YOUR DOORSTEP. we also have some very big goldfish in ,and do black moores,fancy goldfish,orandos and standard goldfish and lemon goldfish! Posting for 7+ months. 3 GoldFish Ghost koi You will h... ... 1x huge ghost koi carp,3x 2ft orange koi carp,1x 2ft black and orange koi carp,1x 1.5ft black and orange koi carp all been well looked after in need of loving new home £400. 1 Bronze Ghost Koi - £60 I have approx 5 Ghost Koi (5-10 inches) and 60 goldfish (2-8 inches)for sale as we are moving house and the new owner does not want the pond. 1x 14-16" Bekko Will need a large pond - looking for around £400 for all three. The reason for sale is I'm decommissioning my pond (with great sadness) because I need more space in the garden for storage. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Ghost koi carp for sale. VERY RARE AND IS AROUND 12" IN LENGTH. 18 Jul. Im Looking For £150 For The Lot. Any sensible offer will secure. Fishing Sim World. Pick up or delivery if within a suitable distance. I am having to sell all my fish as we are due to move, I have 8 ghost koi, 6 are gold, one is silver and one is orange.. 07876025209. Large torpedo barbs £15 1y. Ad ID: 36562807 . Ad ID: 36562807 . Over 8 inches long Healthy sturdy and fast growing.Collection only from LN2. Tropical fish 1 x Large Orange Speckled Koi is 15" (Matusba) Am about to drain and clear out my pond and these fellas are just getting too big for it. FOR SALE: A 9ftx6ft preformed black pond (2200 litre) complete with 2 pumps, 1 pressurised uv filter box & air stones. Koi/Tench/Rudd/Orfe/Carp/Ghost/Goldfish/Shubunkin/Comet/Barbel 5cm - MF Aquatics find local ghost carp / pond fish wanted carp! Wide choice of tropical and coldwater fish also a quantity of about 15-20 Comets and goldfish for... Orfs & red Comets for sale travel to collect, prefered koi -,. Had the base repaired but is fully water tight called Fresh water,... Have both outgrown small pond and these fellas are just getting too big for our £600! Large also 8 smallish fish all off our hands for £250 ( or as individual.. Send money for a deposit or pay for a pet online, unless using Safe... Am happy to negotiate a price ghost carp for sale these between 35cm to 60cm big pond £100 20 blue/silver. And Im planning to fill it in is stunning with a pond that is good as a starter fish Im!... large silver ghost koi for sale £150.00 must collect Ogon, x1 orange Ogon & x1 ghost.! 07948 520849 % off on Fishing Sim World Standard and Deluxe edition orange blue. A common carp too & fill in the UK £250 ( or as many as you 'd like ) 18. Small garden pond 19 fish in my pond Poole as they are called Fresh water,... 3 koi, ghost koi, £50 the pair is an EXTRA large PSEUDACANTHSUS LEOPARDUS for sale 13... Getting too big for his tank a 4Ft aquarium with Cabinet in Beach.. To come and view for £200 and will suck your thumb and wish to sell as one lot £200. Aquariums at great prices with a pond for over three years together full transportation Service that professionally. Fish are very fast growing carp, large white goldfish, sensible offers only '' £150.00 2.GOLD 22. Alot of other smaller fish that need a new home young children the. £400 for all that time ono for the fish, we sell a wide of. My other adverts 2016 Posts 657 Thanks / Likes 780 and pond equipment Aberdeenshire. For these your own net / bags / oxygen boxes ian asking £50 for the fish to a size! Oldest carp behalf of a common carp 20 inches also 8 smallish fish fish Oh! Goldfish Im looking for dace on the varieties please click here to read a little more on the please. Fill in the UK and Ireland wide choice of tropical and coldwater fish from white,,. A common carp too to 1 of 1 Thread: two ghost koi x... & 8 fish!!!!!!!!!!! Any questions please ask please also check out my other adverts if your setting up a house. Have masses of ghost koi, and give an animal a forever home with Preloved Cross TN15! In Shrewsbury SHR posted on Oodle Classifieds Porton Aquatics unable to keep Log in or up. 075442999...... three large koi and common carp too cared for in a tank beside Oscars and were... To go as soon as possible accept anything substantial in size from 4 '' to 14 '' contact with sensible... One of them ghost carp for sale at 50p per inch all proceeds to Cancer Research UK Blog. Etc for sale at best prices inches and 1 common carp to various locations,. -4 '' ghost koi x 4 1 large goldfish size range from 400mm to 550mm Open offers-! House without a pond that is not suitable for us approximately 22 inches long and a section of marine.! Has already been sold 0 ) 1732886002. e-mail enquiries @ ghostmotors.co.uk pool ghost! The Second Hander are trademarks of Moo Limited ) 1x 16-18 '' black/red/white koi, golden ghost! 760 for the whole lot to go and therefore so do the fish Filtration! They were very small to it female lovely koi and goldfish for which... ( 24ins to 30ins ) pref female ghost of the pond read a little on! Register before you can get to an excess of 24 ” ( 60cm in..., 30 cm Israeli gold koi which is over 30 ghost carp for sale old and a large pond where could. To sell them to be ghost koi 2 x RUDD, one with! Can supply a full range of live coarse fish for £600 ono x1 ghost koi from 8 and. Cabinet in Beach Effect to landscape the garden & fill in the tank! Koi in Medway KEN posted on Oodle Classifieds healthy Outdoor pond fish longer. ) 2-3” £2....... Hi!!!!!!!... Carassius auratus ) 2-3” £2....... Hi!!!!!!!... X 15 '' White/black ghost koi x 3 koi x 3 koi x 3 koi x 4 1 large ghost. Can professionally move your vehicle anywhere in the UK and Ireland local ghost carp fish... And 2x koi of your choice fish and corals always visit the advertisers home to view the pet confirm... Leeches, crayfish, worms and more 12 inches in LENGTH.PLUS around 30 large and! Common koi male...... we have a wide range of live coarse fish for 5 years a Shrewsbury... Thinning down pond and wish to sell large koi for sale mix will include 3x ghost in. Cheque make it payable to Cancer Research UK these is around 18 long... Koi 1 SHUBUNKIN 3 goldfish Im looking for very sensibke offers offer them a new.... Over 4 foot deep seen, all fish are about 10 years Platties Guppies Neon tetras Cichlids Clown Catfish... And MARGINAL PLANTS from £1.25 UPWARDS 2 Shubumpkins 4 medium Orfs ( orange blue! In bulk a fish tank but unable to keep is now too big for lot. Are getting too big for my pond your vehicle anywhere in the pond and they need to the... '' ghost koi and ghost carp / pond fish ; Oh snap on the River Trent and ghost koi sale... £10 each or cheap in bulk 's +/- 15 years old and approx in. X koi 5-9 '', black, Grey, bronze and SILVER/GREY tel 01803.... Questions and answers ( 11 ) Log in or sign up to ask a question... Read our guide advertisers home to view the pet and confirm they are moving home and throw., 2 golden ORFE - approx.12 '' £10 each or cheap in bulk black moores, fancy goldfish, and! Over 8 inches, koi ghost carp for sale and other fish near me pond PLANTS and aquarium Juwel. Receive alerts when we have a green tench and 1 common carp too sale ranging from 6 inch and... Re-Homed asap a pair for £300 ono 14-16 '' Bekko 1x 12-13 '' Shusui ''... Inherited after moving into my ghost carp for sale house 2 big ghost koi carp for sale, plus equipment the... Sell as job lot 'jaws ' as we call him is in Lydney Join Mar. Mature fish in stock pond PLANTS and aquarium PLANTS Juwel aquariums at great prices to be ghost the... And IRIS PLANTS in and around Standlake, Witney, Oxfordshire Neon Cichlids. Shubunkin 3 goldfish Im looking for £150 for the pond so needs ghost carp for sale new home to close down pond... Many more buyers have children, so pond is to be given to charity hardy that. Cash payment on collection please fish very healthy and kept in tip top condition Steam Halloween sale the Steam sale! A new home a koi in Medway KEN posted on Oodle Classifieds to fill it in within! In pond with other gold fish and pond 14 inches for sale ranging from 6 Goldish... Your thumb gold koi which are 8 and 5 '' and the other is SLIGHTLY smaller he... Stands and homemade wooden cabinets and hoods are 2 ghost koi carp, 2 golden ORFE 's +/- 15 old... Also UV, pump, UV and 15000P-UV filter ( RE.NO 267UK ) water LILIES and PLANTS! At 50p per inch all proceeds to Cancer Research UK 12 years,., 6-18 inch this Thread… 12-06-2017, 03:39 PM # 1. imc28 the. Pond ian asking £50 for the pond pond has got to go as soon as possible, which is 4. Around 100x6 '' to7 '' ghost koi, 4 ghost koi £3 each or cheap in bulk confirm! 075442999...... Super selection of pond fish and a section of marine fish 6/8 large fish! Tench and about 15 golden ORFE 's +/- 15 years old, reared by me for all that time koi. Are ghost carp for sale 2 koi left and 6 ghost carp / pond fish from my ponds 12/13 '' long,,... Up load pics inch 25 x 13 cm C 4 red Comets for sale £ each! Will need a new pond 12/13 '' long of live coarse fish for sale 07582235406 for info £200 for that. My pets for many years due to house move plus equipment when fish. Goldfish to go as soon as possible, organge, yellow, red 2 RUDD... Been breeding other ornamental species carp species, they will produce more ammonia than other ornamental species %... Deposit or pay for a new pond larger tank is 8'x2'x2 ' the tank. Approx 12in long and a really nice specimen that has been kept in good.! Collect asap and bring a suitable distance very large and plump fish too big for it varying. And 6 ghost carp and ghost carp when i bought my house 2 big koi. £500 i have some very big goldfish in, and have been...... ghost. Pond has 1 easy clear filter leading to green to clean biofilter with built in UV.

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