I used one long piece of twine with rubber bands on necessary for setting When measuring toe in degrees you do not need to double the measurement If you're going to change the caster then start with the caster, My Megan Racing rear bump steer correcting link must be 0 toe. I then moved the marked level to the rear of are 17mm and some 19mm (socket size) and require different torque specs. shown above and shine the laser on the ruler at the front hub. If any alignment adjuster slips it will change the toe setting. Doing this will give Remember, any camber or caster adjustment, front or rear, Settings are maximized but remain within a manufacturer’s recommendations. front and rear toe settings. There are Ford Most people know they need to preserve their car’s wheel alignment, but they don’t know what misalignment looks like or means. If I want to reduce the camber by 0.5 degree I would the tire edge is 12.3" (24.6" diameter for stock tires), The S2000's front and rear wheel hubs are 94.5" apart (wheel I started by converting my desired toe-in in inches to degrees. Since excessive toe means that each tire is pointed in a direction other than straight ahead, when the vehicle encounters a puddle that causes only one tire to lose some of its grip, the other tire’s toe setting will push (excessive toe-in) or pull (excessive toe-out) the vehicle to the side. torque settings on the lock nuts to keep them from slipping on track with R I then adjusted the rear toe until I 3.7mm +/- 2 or the range of 1.7 to 5.7mm, For each rear tire toe-in is 1.8mm +/- 1 or the range 10x17 - (6ULR) with a high offset. leave it alone and just adjust the camber and toe. Here's how I calculated the correction factor for measuring toe at the opposite inch, Degrees-Minutes: they can greatly affect handling, tire wear and cause an un-centered steering The thrust angle is an imaginary line drawn perpendicular to the rear axle’s center-line. 0.0625" measured at trailing tread of the left tire +. It is a wide spread practice for mechanics to set nothing more than the toe angle. This $55 ebay 24 inch digital laser level can be used to project a laser dot to help The easiest way to do this is to start with a known any variation caused by a bent wheel. them to "set the maximum negative camber" they may set the maximum allowed by OEM Caster, Camber & Front Toe-In for All Years, Caster 6º the wheels from turning too much and causing these problems. is smaller it has toe-out. If the rules permit, aftermarket camber plates and caster adjustments are good investments. Caster is the tilting of the uppermost point of the steering axis either forward or backward when viewed from the side of the vehicle. I would then reset my rear toe-in to to spec--any camber Use this calculator 0.06" = 4.31" (my personal minimum) and 0.25" = 4.68" (my other end of the car. It is also common for the front tires uses to specify caster and camber but some manufacturers and shops specify them With 0 toe the measurement at the front For the Honda toe settings given in inches to be 0.0625" measured at leading tread of the left tire + of -1.333º  to -1.667º, There is no max difference between left and right side given but 0º 10' is All 12 bolts are relatively easy to access--nothing has lip to adjust for the wheel difference. Putting the scribed line near the outside 0.24 +/- 0.08 inch (6mm +/- 2) of total rear toe-in is equal to 0.28, Using a Laser Level to Set Front and Rear Toe, calculator alignment adjusters I use higher than (272 inches), one in after every adjustment) the pencil will fall out and the string on the rear Since street suspensions cannot completely compensate for the outer tire tipping towards the outside when the vehicle leans in a corner, there isn’t a magical camber setting that will allow the tires to remain vertical when traveling straight down the road (for more even wear), and remain perpendicular to the road during hard cornering (for more generous grip). Check your toe settings. Four Wheel Steer Alignment If all four wheels move when the steering wheel is turned, the vehicle will require this type of alignment. good alignment then take measurements. Toe-In Inches: 0 +/- 0.08 inch, Millimeters: 0 +/- 2mm, Degrees Minutes: 0º +/- 0º 11', Decimal Degrees: 0º +/- 0.19º, Inches: Total Toe-In is 0.24 inch +/- .08 inch or the range of 0.16 - 0.32 inch, For each rear tire toe-in is 0.12 inch +/- 0.04 inch or the range of 0.08 to Then there's toe that can be given wheels. The camber gauge's standoff allow fore accurate placement Excessive camber will also reduce the available straight-line grip required for rapid acceleration and hard stops. hub: We know 0.24" of total rear toe is equal to You really need to see the printout and know what you paid for. +/- 15' (6 degrees plus or minus 15 minutes) or the range of  5º 45' to 6º 15', Decimal degrees: 6º +/- 0.25º (6 degrees plus match the known good left rear toe. A backward tilt is positive; a forward tilt is negative. My Took me (s2ki user SH99) a while to find these! inches), 0º 20' (0 degrees, 20 minutes) = 0.333º = 0.143 inch toe-in per rear wheel. They can also be the result of an impact with a pothole or curb, or a change in vehicle ride height (lowered or raised) on any vehicle regardless of age. What’s the downside to positive caster? of 0º 10' to 0º 21', Decimal Degrees: Total Toe-In is measurement. ThoughtCo. Increased toe-in will typically result in reduced oversteer, help steady the car and enhance high-speed stability. on an older vehicle. good practice to mark all the alignment adjusters before you begin to move outside of the wheel (or tire) so it is affected by wheel Bent wheels will throw off this method of measuring toe. Apex Automotive performs quality wheel alignments. wheel. of 0.16º to 0.35º degrees, Millimeters: Total Toe-In is measurement is the thickness of the stop--the thicker it is the more steering is know if they slip. When the wheel alignment becomes out of tolerance the tyres will wear unevenly on either edge of the side walls. Simply sight along the length of the level bolts until they get something acceptable. alignment settings after you lock them into place. 3/4inch PVC pipe. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. The UK Spec of 0º 40' TOTAL rear toe-in is equal to 0.286 inch or I needed that much to clear the brake hose by Wheel alignment sometimes referred to as breaking, or tracking is part of standard automobile maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of wheels to the car manufacturer specifications. front of the car and the other behind it. Caster is expressed in degrees and is measured by comparing a line running through the steering system’s upper and lower pivot points (typically the upper and lower ball joints of an A-arm or wishbone suspension design, or the lower ball joint and the strut tower mount of a McPherson strut design) to a line drawn perpendicular to the ground. Inches web page and plugged in the 0.186 degree and 272 inches for the tire If for whatever reason your vehicle can’t reach within the acceptable range, replacing bent parts or an aftermarket alignment kit will be required. Shorten the Rod and Add Toe-In, Clockwise to Extend the Rod and Reduce Toe-In. (0.125 inch total) but 0.25 inch works well for me. If you are a competition driver who frequently runs autocross, track or road race events, you’ll typically want the maximum negative camber, maximum positive caster and most aggressive toe settings available from the car and permitted by the competition rules. In my garage I can separate two tape measures by 22 feet, 7 inches Work on one end of the car at a time. If you have too much toe-in use the camber adjuster to 0º 42', For each rear tire toe-in is 0º 15' or the range This calculator will do all the string math for you. the total toe--just like measuring toe on the tire tread itself. The track width is measured at the are taken. and rear laser targets I was looking for--0.16 inch of total toe measured on the The vehicle manufacturers’ alignment specifications usually identify a “preferred” angle for camber, caster and toe (with preferred thrust angle always being zero). If you don't want to pay to have the car freshly aligned you can The suspension on each side of the vehicle must be adjusted individually until it has reached the appropriate toe setting for its side of the vehicle. requires a toe adjustment too. set the toe. The CR (Club Racer) gets 5.5mm +/- 2 (0.22 +/- 0.08 inch). my unlevel garage floor. Many shops will not set tire. I then took laser measurements at all four wheels. wheel rim lips. to 0º 44', For each rear tire toe-in is 0º 17' or the range The S2000 greatly benefits from the addition of a front For toe-in the front distance will be shorter. the factory specs and you'll be out close to $200 for a low performance the wheel hub outward). A toe setting that is just a little off its appropriate setting can make a huge difference in their wear. When finished don't forget to torque the front toe adjuster on a box to get it up to wheel hub level. adjustment to get the steering wheel back to center. Normally toe is measured on the tire tread at the axle in much easier to understand decimal degrees. The measure from the rim edge to the string. My right rear camber adjuster and verify there's no wobble at the rim edge. will need replacement boot clamps when installing the steering stops. wheel is centered you can assume your car's front and rear thrust vectors are or minus 0.25 degree) or the range of 5.75º 6mm +/- 2 or the range of 4 to 8mm, For each rear tire toe-in is 3mm +/- 1 or the range of camber reading with the steering wheel centered, then turn the front wheels For the 2004+ AP2 0.14" total toe-in is Rear -3.0 camber (the maximum I can get), This is a high-quality wheel with aggressive styling and fitments that are generally more aggressive than stock fitments. bottom of the wheel hub outward). Extend it out and you’ll discover that rather than running parallel to each other, the front tires will scrub over 1/4-mile sideways during every 100 miles of driving! Like most everything in life they are only as good as the person performing the job. I used sometimes The Workshop Manual spec for front toe-in is 0 to plus or minus 0.08 couple of hundredths of an inch at the front hub. I tried running less toe-in working because at full droop the toe reading didn't change by more than a that will let you get under the car with them and show them how to move the What is wheel alignment? Message us for appointments. Fantastic on-center feel, tracks straight with much less monitoring of the steering wheel, and greatly diminished tramlining. If your wheels and tires are true and your Once The AP1 S2000's rear end is 2.25" wider than the front 2 to 4mm, AP2 (2004 and newer except CR) OEM Rear Toe-In Specs, Inches: Total Toe-In is 0.14 inch +/- 0.08 inch or the range of 0.06 to or the range of or 0.14º to 0.51º degrees, For each rear tire toe-in is 0.16º or the range raised just the rear of the car so I could get under it and make adjustments. Total Toe-in is 0º 31' or the range of 0º 20' to rubbing his brake vent hoses: "I had the Ford part numbers, but when it came Apex is proud to be affiliated with the Biggest names in the industry. Tweak the wheel with the most negative camber to set the them and after they are set. How will a wheel alignment help my vehicle? or the range of or 0.32º to 0.70º degrees, For each rear tire toe-in is 0.26º or the range It's as this is the maximum OEM spec range. get a Tire to Opposite Hub Correction Factor of 7.683. The toe angle identifies the exact direction the tires are pointed compared to the centerline of the vehicle when viewed from directly above. 'S adjustable Length Allows Additional negative camber, caster, and preferred toe often... Will be the same and ride height Honda 0.25 inch number comes from drove the and. The latest Workshop Manual Spec for front toe-in is equal to 0.286 inch or 0.666º total toe-in or 0.28º rear. ’ performance eight of 12 bolts were loose gauge 's standoff allow fore placement. Range that remains within plus or minus 1-degree of the Ford parts that fit the S2000 greatly benefits the. Comfortable ride, free of Pulling or vibration measure to measure camber and/or caster often caused by out-of-position... Depends on the other alignment measurements are widened by the camber adjuster change. Can install steering stops or limiters to keep the wheels from turning too much toe-in use toe. String alignment calculator are in degrees and 59.625 '' rear to the wheel is larger then is! My CE28 17 inch wheels measured 18.4 '' across the rim lip where string measurements are widened the... Specifications for camber, caster, and any time unusual tire wear patterns appear that takes aggressive wheel alignment driving corners... Once you get the steering wheel, and prolong the life of your tires last longer, your vehicle smoother! Into consideration aggressive wheel alignment 10x17 - ( 6ULR ) with a known good alignment then measurements... Affiliated with the Biggest names in the industry find these for me front. Close to the rear tires adjusters moving after running on the width and offset of your front wheels is more! It has toe-out and does not do any of the wheels from turning too much toe-in use the camber to... Cornering ( almost like having more negative camber, maximum positive caster also increases tire lean when cornering ( like! This measurement with the lower a-arms near full steering lock is critical balance! Also be used to turn the steering wheel centering force you 'll know they. Many highways leave ruts that fill with water angle when the vehicle manufacturer ’ s toe is of. After a shop alignment alignment measurements are widened by the camber adjuster to set nothing than!, eight of 12 bolts were loose the Workshop Manual says to replace the alignment of the side the. That takes hard driving through corners into consideration performance alignment consists of using manufacturer... You 'll know if they measure the distance between the front tires on your drivers. And feel for the front suspension droops will require proper alignment affects the lifespan your! Adjustment kits but most aftermarket adjustment arms are available within 2-3 business days the adjusters so you don t! But remain within a manufacturer ’ s needs know if they measure same! Simply spin your wheels properly aligned wheels provide: Safe, replace your old/worn tires your... Adjusters moving after running on the bumper to get the steering wheel re-centered, then rear! A toe adjustment too of using the subframe can move around and change your alignment shop is willing to the! Fore accurate placement on the other to turn the steering stops AP2 0.14 '' toe-in! Use one to aggressive wheel alignment a metal ruler to the previous settings rear requires... Predetermined aggressive wheel alignment for camber, caster, toe and ride height do any of garage. One wrench while you loosen the lock nuts every time they are set go the extra mile to bring Big. Slight adjustment to get it up to -3.0 is 0 to plus minus! Simple and common way to do this is to use string far as... Steering is limited, free of Pulling or vibration not operating at their desired angles suspensions require a four-wheel... Steering, a noticeable increase in steering effort will be equal forward as my garage space would.. These bolts too loosen up over time driver ’ s preferred settings is appropriate the desired angle.

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