What's always interested me is that Joseph Smith supposedly received his "revelation" from an angel of God. Is there evidence they were discussed before Lucy mentioned them decades later? Just because you hate everything related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints doesn’t give you the right to disrespect something so very important to millions of people. (If you haven’t received your first email within a few minutes, try checking your spam folder.). Joseph Smith wouldn’t have known the word chiasmus. In regard to Creation, Joseph Smith taught that all matter is eternal—without beginning or end. Adam and Eve were created in the image of God. President Monson’s Testimony of the Book of Mormon Home: Mobile Home: Old Style MP3 Bible Random Video What's New Jewish Stories X-Witch X-Muslim Bible Movies Gospel Videos Godly … What happens when he dies? thank you so much for articles like this that give us tools we can use to witness to them. Podcasts make it very easy to state an opinion as fact because words float by quickly and the opportunity to ponder them and read references and other sources does not exist. Also sacred to Latter-day Saints is the Book of Mormon as a tutor in discerning the promptings of the Holy Ghost. You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion. The Book is named after him. To comprehend the Mormon version of Creation, one has to first understand their teaching on God. If your comment is published, your name will be displayed as ". These episodes are best seen as a continuation of our discussion from earlier this year wherein John Hamer provides a 19th Century context for The Book of Mormon. These groups were led by prophets who recorded their religious and secular histories on metal plates. Joseph Smith taught that the earth was first a ‘spirit earth’ and was then clothed with tangible physical elements. To the extent that chiasms exist in the Book of Mormon, I think these are sign of its oral composition. The parallel accounts in Moses 1–3 and Abraham 4–5 contain valuable insights and additions not found in Genesis, so we will be referring to them, too. long) that explore the biblical and scientific truths of the Bible’s opening chapters. CMI records your real name, email address, and country as a sign of good faith. The Book of Mormon resembles the Bible in its length and complexity and in its division into books named for individual prophets. It is extremely impressive. CMI may choose not to publish your comment depending on how well it fits the guidelines outlined above. Try James 4:1-6. I think Cowdery was likely involved, even perhaps Emma and some Whitmers. She’s a riveting storyteller by the way.. What about the influence of The Late War and Captain Kidd’s adventures on the content and style of writing of the book of mormon? Why Did Alma Use Creation Imagery in His Sermon on Faith? It is interesting to note that these helpers supposedly included such worthy spirits as: Michael (who later became Adam), Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Peter, James, John and of course, Joseph Smith—all the “noble and great” worthy ones of Mormonism.2. Book of Mormon Stories, w/ 1 verse/day 120 p. ~10/19/05 17. This is one of the first subtle indications of Satan’s pre-eminence in Mormon theology later in the ‘Lone and Dreary World’ ceremony, Adam calls out ‘O God, hear the words of my mouth’ three times, only to have Lucifer answer and enact another little play totally ridiculing the role of Christianity in the world. My husband and I became a Mormons as a result of contact with two elders when we were young. July 11, 2016. The narrative proceeds in characteristic disregard of conditions necessary to its reasonableness, as if it were a tale told by a child, with utter disregard for consistency.” —Studies of the Book of Mormon, p. 251. But I guess no one can get it all right. She’s been at it for about two months and plans to submit the last part of her 400 or so pages to her editor next week. Occam’s Razor is a great problem solving tool but when I think of various conspiracies and plots, especially political “gates”, they often involved multiple individuals out of necessity. The Petersen book is a cut above from the anti-Mormon fare, not engaging in the more out-dated claims offered against the Book of Mormon, such as the inane "adieu" and "Land of Jerusalem" argument critics offer against Book of Mormon antiquity, notwithstanding such claims being outdated for several decades now. If my salvation is based on some sinner than how would I even begin to select which sinner? After careful observation, general research and personal accounts, there is no question in my mind that God is real and the bible is inerrant, leaving no room for evolutionary claims of creation. All religions require support from man to reach eternal life. By submitting your comment you are agreeing to receive email updates from. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I have truly enjoyed the efforts of Creation Ministries. After the fall, they became mortal. There are LDS scholars who would dispassionately disagree with your assessment that the Book of Mormon is extremely impressive. We have sent you an email that will allow you to update your details. Past episodes including contributions from John may be found here: How do we KNOW that Joseph Smith Sr’s dreams preceded the publication of the Book of Mormon? It … we have 8 employees 5 of whom are Mormons, including the owner. So, in Mormon theology, we have many gods—Elohim our Heavenly Father, the Gods of the Council and Jehovah, one of the firstborn spirits, also known as Jesus Christ, Savior of mankind. Cultural Context Preceding the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon discusses in places the process by which it was compiled. Creation Ministries International (CMI) exists to support the effective proclamation of the Gospel by providing credible answers that affirm the reliability of the Bible, in particular its Genesis history. Could Sidney and Joseph have kept the authorship secret to themselves? Join us now for this Mormon Stories Podcast episode, where historian John Hamer offers his theory as to how the Book of Mormon was created. The biblical account of the creation of the earth is found in Genesis 1 and 2. The creation, the fall, and the atonement are all major elements of the Plan of Salvation. I am also a proponent of the Spalding-Rigdon theory as it seems to bring together seemingly unrelated data points, like changes in certain revelations when comparing BC and D&C. All podcasts need to be transcribed and cross referenced. John Hamer is no stranger to Mormon Stories Podcast. That should be a RED FLAG. Also, why limit the basis of BoM to Manuscript Found? The Bible is full of repeated or allusive stories, and the Book of Mormon often reinscribes this biblical emphasis on repetition. In composing stories aloud orally, Joseph was relying on the storyteller’s art which includes different sorts of repetition and circling back to what you were originally talking about. Privacy Policy. Our ministers are not paid, our missionaries pay their own way. Analyzing the Geography, Archaeology, History and Geology of the Book of Mormon. provides a 19th Century context for The Book of Mormon, 116-117: John Hamer – The LDS Succession Crisis of 1844 and the Beginnings of the RLDS Church to the Community of Christ, 422-423: John Hamer on Returning to Mormonism Through the Community of Christ, 503: Discussing the New LDS.org Polygamy Essays Part 1 — With Lindsay Hansen Park, John Hamer and J. Nelson-Seawright, 526-527: John Hamer on Community of Christ as a Church Home for Transitioning Mormons, 612-613: Reviewing 2015 with J. Nelson Seawright, John Hamer, Jamie Hanis-Handy, and Marisa Calderwood, 796-797: LDS Church Purchases Printer’s Manuscript of Book of Mormon for $35M and BYU Now Serves Coke, 1008-1009: Folk Magic, Joseph Smith, and Mormon Origins with John Hamer, 1063-1065: The Book of Mormon’s 19th Century Context – John Hamer. The Book of Mormon was written by Joseph Smith in March 1830. But we cannot assume responsibility for, nor be taken as endorsing in any way, any other content or links on any such site. A spirit earth. There are differing views on the origin of the Book of Mormon. A Council in Heaven. During the next six years, Smith dictated an English translation of this text to his wife and other scribes, and in 1830 The Book of Mormon was published. Granted they’re just shows, but think of Ozark or Breaking Bad where their efforts to pull off a crime/fraud often required others involvement or inadvertently exposed their machinations to others which then required complex wrangling to contain. Site Links . I'd encourage you to continue reading the thousands of articles we have produced. John W. Welch Notes Study Questions for the Book of Ether. The Genesis Academy: A 12-part teaching series on Genesis 1–11, The Bible declares: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Ignoring Manuscript Found means that all of the affidavits of all of the wittnesses need to be explained away. It never ceases to amaze me how people follow blindly man but ignore God. As Lucifer begins to lead Adam and Eve astray, Elohim appears and rebukes him for tempting Eve and it is interesting to note that Lucifer is permitted to argue and contend with Elohim for quite some time before being ordered to depart. However, no such ancient language has ever existed. Mormon writings such as the Book of Moses and Doctrine and Covenants also teach in several places that this earth was not the first of the Lord’s creations—apparently, He is supposed to have organized many worlds similarly—all for the purpose of inhabitation by His many spirit children. I work for a small swimming pool company in Texas. But even demons masquerade as angels, and can even warp the bible to mean something else. Mormons believe in the concept of creation according to Genesis, but they also give some additional information based on several other texts from Moses, Abraham, and texts of Joseph Smith. Providing your postcode enables us to let you know when a speaking event is in your area. You couldn’t write the likes of it in a short amount of time it a long amount of time. Great work John. She works on it from 8am until noon five or six days a week. I’ve read parts.. like many books it’s much better written than the BoM. The Book of Mormon teaches that little children are not capable of sin because they do not have a sinful nature (Moroni 8:8). In the secret temple rituals practiced daily all over the world in Mormon Temples, one of the first important ‘endowment ceremonies’ consists of a play enacted before the candidates which is called ‘The Creation’. Do all Mormons know of these teachings? KnoWhy #140; Alma 32:40. Comparing the Book of Mormon to the Bible. A 45 year old blind friend is dictating her novel. Check your email! Your email address will not be published. Even the article we are directing you to could, in principle, change without notice on sites we do not control. Copyright © 2019 Mormon Stories. "The contradictions between the Book of Mormon and the Bible constitute a most serious obstacle to accepting the Book of Mormon as Latter-day scripture supplemental to the Bible." In our final segments with renowned Joseph Smith historian Dan Vogel, author of Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet, we focus our attention on the creation of the Book of Mormon. He taught that after the Fall, the earth fell from its terrestrial form to a ‘telestial’ form—condition destined to continue for 6,000 years. In the Biblical account of creation, the serpent is only mentioned in a few verses of Genesis and is thoroughly rebuked by God with the words “upon thy belly shalt thou go and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life”. In the next scene, Lucifer enters the picture and begins to play a most prominent role that continues through most of the Temple ceremony. I can see Joseph and Sydney having discussions about the source of the native Americans and various texts of the day on that subject and those discusssions could have included Manuscript Found. While I am a follower of Christ of long standing (as measured in the flesh :-) I am an ex-Atheist and after much seeking of truth an ex-evolutionist. The six “days” of creation were actually six consecutive creative periods of unknown length. Latter-day Saints believe the creation was carefully planned by God and that there was an important purpose in His creation of mortal humans, and also of the earth. The Heavenly Father, according to Joseph Smith, is the literal father of our spirits. My comment is given with love and respect. The Bible begins at Genesis 1:1, saying: “In the beginning God created heaven and earth.”. As mentioned above, the Book of Mormon is a book of scripture kept by the ancient inhabitants of North America and covers a span of 1,000 years. John Hamer graciously created a number of slides that give important visual cues to his research. When the time comes to create man, Elohim causes a sleep to come over the spirit Michael and when he awakens, he is Adam, the first man. I think this is a plausible option. It gives each of us the opportunity to come to the earth, where we receive a physical body and exercise our agency. Book of Wisdom 11 Chapter 1: So beware of uttering frivolous complaints, restrain your tongue from finding fault; even what is said in secret has repercussions, and a lying mouth deals death to the soul. Join us now for this Mormon Stories Podcast episode, where historian John Hamer offers his theory as to how the Book of Mormon was created. Why is it assumed if the Book of Mormon was based on Manuscript Found that anyone other than Sidney Rigdon and Joseph had to be involved? This happens less in written composition where a person is working from a logical outline. Jesus is the only balance to mans existence. Where did the The Book of Mormon get its name? Elder B. H. Roberts is the first name to present itself to my recollection: CLEVELAND — The box office miracles of “The Book of Mormon,” chapter and verse: The musical has played to over 100 percent capacity audiences on … Could recent creation be true, but not Christianity? The series lays a vital foundation for understanding both the world around us, and the Gospel itself. Through his extensive research, Dan theorizes that the Book of Mormon is a tangible artifact giving … There is were all our faith comes from. Show Overview The Book of Mormon Story The Book of Mormon follows two young missionaries who are sent to Uganda to try to convert citizens to the Mormon religion. A FREE downloadable study guide is available from creation.com/tga. Rigdon and Joseph could have gotten influence from multiple sources. As you study the book of Ether, you may wish to observe its overall organization and its most salient points of emphasis, paying particular attention to the historical, personal, doctrinal, and religious importance of the experiences of the Brother of Jared and of the Jaredite people. Donate; Donor FAQ; Subscribe; Our Vision. Detailed study on the creation. Your subscription already exists. Another interesting point is that Lucifer states that he has merely done to Adam and Eve what has been done many times before on other worlds—making him somewhat of a ‘hero’ for assisting in the Fall. The book told the story of how the love of those around him, including his immediate family, brought him back to the gospel of Jesus Christ after spending two decades away from the Church. Why Did Moroni Use Temple Imagery While Telling the Brother of Jared Story? As time passes the earth provides more and more evidence the Book of Mormon was not a fabrication of a young man in upstate New York. God warns Lehi in a dream to take his family and leave Jerusalem because the city will be destroyed. See Royal Skousen, “Critical Methodology and the Text of the Book of Mormon,” Review of Books on the Book of Mormon 6, no. Joseph Smith taught that the earth was first a ‘spirit earth’ and was then clothed with tangible... Satan: as hero. It relates the history of a group of Hebrews who migrated from Jerusalem to America about 600 bce, led by a prophet, Lehi. This says a lot about Christ, whom we love above life itself, and a lot about us, and a great deal about the power of the restored doctrines! Why does the conspiracy have to involve John Whitmer and others? They multiplied and eventually split into two groups. 1. This is an area of my own witness that I must pray to have corrected. Chapter 29 of the book of Mosiah, in which the people of Zarahemla transform their government from a monarchy to a rule of judges, is a crucial—indeed, pivotal—chapter in the Book of Mormon. “In the first place there is a certain lack of perspective in the things the book relates as history that points quite clearly to an underdeveloped mind as their origin. Your email address will not be published. I think the presentation could have been much shorter, especially for this audience but a good introduction this aspect of BoM authorship. Generally if you look at the original text, lines are omitted and it turns out that D doesn’t line up with D at all, nor F with F, so the apparent complexity is actually an illusion. Mormon StoriesJanuary 21, 2019Book of Mormon, Church History, Joseph Smith, Top 10027 Comments. I think most people would agree this is likely given all of texts on the topic extant at this time. About; Contact; Policies; Affiliates; Sitemap; Support . Praise the Lord for His faithfulness! ©2021 Creation Ministries International. The Book of Mormon records the visit of Jesus Christ to people in the Americas following His Resurrection. Another spirit child of Heavenly Father, Lucifer, wanted this responsibility for himself, but the Council of the Gods rejected Lucifer’s plan after which he rebelled and became Satan. There's a reason the Mormons you know are good people; Jesus said judge a tree by its fruits, we try our best to follow him. The Book of Mormon is a religious record of three groups of people who migrated from the Old World to the American continents. It’s actually a Greek word like anastrophe or syllepsis that are used to describe literary and poetic forms that are commonly used in poetry, whether it is Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, or English. Also that the Book of Mormon was born from multiple source texts. This angel then helped Smith translate the work from “reformed Egyptian” characters into English. I recommend this article for a point of reference on what is considered part of the canon of Scripture: When the veil is over the eyes it's easy to understand Paul's statement in Romans 3:10-11 that none seek after GOD. Book 156 p. 06/16/05 I have read this many times through with my children and the cover and … Ether 1–5. In his new book, A Better Heart , Christofferson explores Christlike love in greater depth, but in both books there is one standout character: his mother. 1 (1994): 137–139; Don Bradley, The Lost 116 Pages: Reconstructing the Book of Mormon’s Missing Stories (Salt Lake City: Greg Kofford Books, 2019), 276–278. Required fields are marked *. I'm pleased you enjoy our ministry efforts which likewise are focused on pointing people to Christ. Beyond this, the same issues are shared between the Book of Mormon and the Bible. As am I. He wanted to believe that the Book of Mormon resulted from a purely subjective experience in the mind of Joseph Smith, that it was just a creation of Joseph’s own fertile imagination. In this ceremony, Elohim is seen talking to Jehovah and Michael and He instructs them to “go down and organize yonder matter into a world like unto the other worlds that we have heretofore formed”. According to those texts, before the earth was created there was a great meeting in heaven. Regarding this book, Joseph Smith said, “The Book of Mormon is the most correct of any book on this Earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book.” Inspirational Video on the Book of Mormon. “In the beginning God created the heaven and earth … ” is the first sentence in the Bible. The more extreme chiasms that people create for the Book of Mormon are largely the invention of the people making the ABCDEFGHGFEDCBA charts. He focuses on the well-known fact that the text was dictated to suggest that mechanisms behind oral performance should be used to understand the text. They are wonderful people and have become valued friends. "Sola Scriptura" The Bible And the Bible only. It is entirely possible of course that Hurlbut lead all of his witnesses to believe a false memory. In regard to Creation, Joseph Smith taught that all matter is eternal—without beginning or end. On one end Joseph being influenced by Sydney all the way to Sidney being the primary author. Together with his many spirit wives (our Heavenly Mothers) he has propagated millions of little spirit babies which live in the Spirit Kingdom (pre-existing) awaiting their birth into human bodies here on Earth. I disagree vehemently with your graphic that the Book of Mormon is not very impressive. The Book of Mormon is a musical comedy with music, lyrics, and book by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone.. First staged in 2011, the play is a satirical examination of the beliefs and practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.The musical ultimately endorses the positive power of love and service. This is in keeping with the Mormon teaching that Adam’s fall was pre-ordained and very necessary to enable the procreation of mankind and physical birth of all the little spirit children waiting patiently for a chance at earthly existence. Joseph Smith’s teachings and ‘revelations’ on Creation differ drastically from the Biblical account. The Mormon Creation according to Joseph Smith Matter eternal. The Book of Mormon is a story about a family Lehi is a prophet in Jerusalem. More and more evidence is discovered, validated, and presented as undeniable proof the story told in the Book of Mormon is factual / not fiction. I love the comment made by LW from Australia! Joseph writing the BoM on his own is the tidiest solution and certainly satisfies Occam’s Razor but is not the only plausible option. These episodes are best seen as a continuation of our discussion from earlier this year wherein John Hamer provides a 19th Century context for The Book of Mormon.. John Hamer graciously created a number of slides that give important visual cues … He and his family cross the ocean to the Americas. William L. Davis has provided a new view of the way in which the Book of Mormon may have been created. Chiasmus is a regular form in English poetry, an example would be “The Lamb” by Joseph Smith’s contemporary, William Blake. CLICK HERE FOR OUR LATEST PODCASTS Donate, Mormon Stories March 20, 2019 Book of Mormon, Church History, Joseph Smith, Top 100 10 Comments. A prophet, named Mormon, organized the thousand years of history into a book. In the Garden of Eden, they were immortal. A Catch 22? Learn how your comment data is processed. And one to which Joseph Smith, prophet and seer of the Mormon Church, has given his own peculiar interpretation. God created Adam and Eve in His own image and in the image of His Only Begotten (see Moses 2:26–27 ). Justin, In Moses 1:35, it is acknowledged that the order of creative events as revealed to Joseph Smith and Moses only pertain to this earth, and no knowledge of other creations is available. History of The Book of Mormon This instruction is repeated three times until the earth is completed much as described in the first chapter of Genesis. Smith claims that the prophet who last contributed to the work returned to earth as an angel and told him where to find it. They seem to think their beliefs are in line with Christianity, only somehow more enlightened. One of the firstborn spirit children was Jesus and to Him was given the responsibility of redeeming mankind. After its baptism of fire, the earth is supposed to be renewed and receive its terrestrial glory for the space of the millennium then it will die and be resurrected to attain its sanctified, immortal and eternal state of celestial glory.3. Our challenge is to be informed and engaging and help people think so that by the grace of God some might be saved. A dynamic, interactive, web-friendly presentation of the Book of Mormon. I agree 100%, the wider the conspiracy theory, the less likely it is to be true but limiting the conspiracy to two people is reasonable to me. Genesis 1:1. Many have tried to prove it false and have failed. Bushman suggests that Lucy herself may have fabricated aspects of the dream to parallel Lehi’s dream in 1 Nephi 8 in order to bolster the status of her husband and make him more like Lehi as the predecessor and father of Nephi/Joseph Jr. As John Hamer points out oral dictation only seems impressive to us because we’ve never trained ourselves. Elohim and Jehovah converse and agree it is not good for man to be alone and so Eve is also created. The Creation is an integral part of Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation. I am blessed by the comment from LW in Australia because it revealed my own spiritual pride which has frequently prevented me from lovingly and patiently presenting "THE TRUTH" to people with errant beliefs without coming off like I am better than them in some way. Mormons have this impression that “chiasmus” is a Hebrew thing. Accounts of the creation are also found in the Pearl of Great Price . This podcast makes it very difficult to distinguish between opinion and referenced fact. Wow that is intense. In the case of the Book of Mormon, it all funnels through Joseph Smith, so if it is simply Joseph's creation, then none of it is historical. I see Manuscript Found, or even Manuscript Story as a rough backbone, add in some Late War, First Book of Napoleon, maybe View of the Hebrews, and lastly some error prone KJV Isaiah, Malachi, and Matthew and you have yourself a Book of Mormon. All rights reserved. CMI has offices in Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa and United States of America. Create an account and track your progress. Therefore, the Earth was not created by God, but merely ‘organized’ from existing elements.1, Smith also claimed that Elohim, our Heavenly Father, was the supervisor of Creation (not actually involved) and that Jehovah (or Jesus) together with many helpers from the spirit kingdom, acted under direction to organize the existing elements into the Adamic world. I think there is basis for a spectrum of sources and scenarios involving Joseph and Sydney. Can you speak to or explain the supposedly important “Discovery” of Chiasmus in the BoM and how JS could have known to use it…? To know the truthfulness of the glorious restoration of Christ's church all one need do is read the Book of Mormon, which we will send free to anyone that asks. One such biblical reverberation in the Book of Mormon is Nephi’s ocean voyage, which evokes biblical stories of origination: creation, deluge, and exodus. The Book of Mormon reinforces the LDS doctrine that the gospel of Jesus Christ existed before the Creation and has been revealed to prophets and believers throughout time. This excellent new resource contains 12 DVDs (each 30-40 min. We have supplied this link to an article on an external website in good faith. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If this podcast truly wishes to be fair and honest, they need to hold themselves to the same standard they hold The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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